How Cryo-Electron Microscopy meets chemical structure

The symposium organized by ITMO Molecular and Structural Bases of Life Sciences (BMSV) of Aviesan (French National Alliance for life sciences and health) "How Cryo-Electron Microscopy meets chemical structure" will take place on 14 and 15 November 2018 in Paris.

This scientific day will feature a series of lectures by international leaders in the field and younger researchers.

This meeting will be an opportunity to review the progress of cryoEM and its role in understanding the complexity of life.

The 2017 Nobel Prize in Chemistry awarded the new breakthroughs in CryoEM “for the high-resolution structure determination of biomolecules in solution” and recognize the achievements of single particle CryoEM that can now compete synchrotron base x-ray sources in term of resolution. The release of a new generation of electron detectors, phase plate and microscope automation impulses unprecedented progress in all CryoEM approaches including electron tomography, FIB-SEM, Subtomogram Averaging of proteins within their natural environment, cryo Micro Electron Diffraction, in correlative imaging that change the landscape of biological microscopy. This conference of the ITMO program aims therefore to accurately report on those advances with special emphasis on how these innovations gather structural biology community and contribute to our enriched understanding in the complexities of life."

Oral and poster presentations, selected from abstracts, are planned. The abstract submission form is to be downloaded and returned completed, from the registration site. The deadline for abstract submission is 31 October 2018.

All papers (oral and poster) will be in English.

Poster panels can accommodate up to A0 size (85 cm wide by 120 cm high).


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